PhD Students

Read about some of the present graduate students in LiFT below! (in alphabetical order)


Alejandra Fernandez Castaneda – SLU

Fermentation of plant material of European origin for better texture, taste and nutritional properties of tempeh-like foods

Amanda Helstad – Lund University

Project:Plant-Based Dairy Alternative Residues – Challenges and Opportunities
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Annalena Kamm, Örebro University

PhD Project:The impact of plant-based proteins on markers of gut, metabolic and mental health
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Ansung Kim – Örebro University

PhD Project:Consumer perception and political consumerism about food containing plant-based proteins.
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Cecilia Ahlström, Lund University

PhD project: Recovery and utilization of rapeseed protein
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Carl Rämgård – KTH

Enzymatic Engineering of Hemicellulose Hydrogels

Elahe Sharifi – Chalmers

Project: Engineering the taste and texture of alternative proteins for the next generation of hybrid foods

Elisabeth Henriksson – KTH

Circularity in the food system – assessment and development of environmental sustainability in circular food production

Isabelle Dombec, Chalmers

Developing an algorithm for a personalised nutrition strategy based on results from the fish, meat and plant-based meals

Jakob Karlsson, Chalmers

Project description: Interactions between plant-based proteins and dietary fibres; and their effect on fermentation.
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Jaqueline Auer, SLU

PhD Project: Comparative characterization of structure and digestibility of plant-based proteins in relation to processing
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Johanna Östlund, SLU

PhD project: Fermentation of Swedish faba beans and oats for foods with improved texture, flavour, and nutritional properties.
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John Axelsson, Chalmers

PhD Project: Valorization of whole/gutted small herring and sprat into protein-enriched ingredients.
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Lena Lena Krautscheid, LTH

Transformativ Innovation

Loris Mazzaferro, KTH

Improving the resource-efficiency and environmental performance of urban-vertical farms through circular-based production methods

Mar Vall-llosera Juanola, Chalmers

PhD Project: Stabilisation of Ulva sp. biomass and its effects on nutritional properties, microstructure, tech functionality and development of volatile compounds.
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Marina Armeni, Chalmers

PhD Project Development and validation of a quantitative method for measuring multiple food intake biomarkers
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Mohammad Mukul Hossain, Lund University

PhD Project: Health effects of oats and oat bio-actives in humans.
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Paul Plummer, Uppsala Universitet

Relating Value Chain Development to Sustainability Transitions
in the Swedish Food System

Rebecca Strand, Chalmers

Raising self-sufficiency of pelagic fish in Sweden, hampering lipid oxidation

Robin Meijer, Chalmers

PhD Project: Innovation management in the transition towards a sustainable food system.
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Rolando Contreras, SLU

alorization of whey through development of innovative beverages containing Bolivian fruit and berries

Sebastian Åberg, Chalmers

PhD Project: Metabolic effects of whole grains and dietary fibre with focus on appetite and weight-loss.
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Shishanthi Jayarathna, SLU

PhD Project: New starch for Novel applications
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Solja Pietiäinen, SLU

PhD Project: Fractionation of wheat bran for functional ingredients
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Sunera Zulficar Nurmomade, SLU

Complementary porridge for undernourished children in Mozambique



Therese Hjorth, Chalmers

PhD Project: Metabolic effects of high-fiber diets and low GI-diets among individuals with elevated cardiometabolic risk.
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Yingxiao Yan, Chalmers

PhD Project title: Impact of combined Exposures on Metabolic Health (ICE)
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Xue Zhao, SLU

PhD Project: Novel potato starch – New structure descriptors may reveal properties for new applications
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Zheui Dong, LTH

Structural considerations on specificity variations in lipases from filamentous fungi in industrial application


Hasitha Priyashantha, SLU

PhD Project: Link between raw milk properties and composition to cheese flavours and texture development during maturation
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João Trigo, Chalmers

PhD project: Recovery, functionality, and digestibility of seaweed proteins and analysis of food process waters to be used as media for seaweed cultivation.
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Klara Nilsson

PhD Project: Faba Bean Fractions for 3D Printing of Protein-, Starch- and Fibre-Rich Foods
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Laura Pirkola, SLU

PhD Project: Fermented fibre-rich rye and oat foods and gut-brain axis
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Louise Selga, Lund University

PhD Project: Wheat flour quality for baking applications
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Ludwig Lundberg, SLU

PhD project: Exploring and increasing the bioactivity of probiotics through alterations in the production parameters.
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Mathilde Brunel, SLU

PhD Project: The effect of meat consumption in humans by analysing metabolic responses in plasma samples.
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Mathias Johansson, SLU

PhD project: Legume based Gels – Microstructure and Texture.
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