PhD project: Recovery and utilization of rapeseed protein

Rapeseed is the second-largest cultivated oilseed crop in the world and the primary product is vegetable oil, while the protein-rich rapeseed press cake is a by-product. The focus within my PhD project will be on sustainable process engineering for the valorization and utilization of proteins from the rapeseed press cake.


Main supervisor: Assistant Professor Karolina Östbring

Co-supervisors: Professor Marilyn Rayner, Dr. Jeanette Purhagen and Dr. Johan Thuvander


Department of Food Technology, Engineering and Nutrition, Lund University.

About Cecilia

I am originally from Lindesberg and moved to Lund to start my studies at the university in 2013. I now hold a MSc. in chemical engineering with a specialization in process design. I have a huge interest in food and cooking and I’m very happy that I now can combine my passion with my education. If someone would ask me what my favorite process equipment is, it would without a doubt be an extruder, a machine used to create texture in plant-based meat analogs.

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