PhD project: Fermentation of Swedish faba beans and oats for foods with improved texture, flavour, and nutritional properties.

The overall aim of the PhD project is to enhance nutritional and organoleptic qualities of milk analogues based on crops cultivated in Sweden, for increased consumer acceptability. My project will specifically demonstrate how pre-treatment and fermentation of faba beans and oats can be optimized for food purposes, through assessment of structural- rheological and molecular properties. A workflow streamlined for generating a yoghurt-like prototype with a high-quality sensory profile will be set up.


Main supervisor: Maud Langton

Assistant supervisors: Galia Zamaratskaia, SLU. Hanna Eriksson Rönisch, SLU. Su-Lin Hedén, SLU. Volkmar Passoth, SLU. Sophia Wassén, RISE. Karin Wendin, HKR.


Department of Molecular Sciences, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Uppsala.

About Johanna

My academic background is the Food agronomy program at SLU, which for me also included a master in Food science. I did part of my master’s at Wageningen University where I studied molecular nutrition. After graduation I worked a couple of years at RISE in Ultuna, mainly managing projects aiming at developing Swedish food value chains throughout the entire value chain from farm to fork. For example Swedish hop production from cultivation of hops to final beer; and developing food products from Swedish faba beans. The latter interested me so much that I wanted to dig deeper into what is behind the functional properties of faba beans. Now as a PhD, I highly appreciate being able to design experiments based on my interests and also include oat.

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