PhD Project: Link between raw milk properties and composition to cheese flavours and texture development during maturation

Cheese making properties of the raw milk and maturation of the resulted cheese will be in focus in Hasitha’s PhD project. The development of characteristic properties of the resulting long-ripened cheese (LRC) will be studied, with a clear connection to milk composition and on-farm factors. During his PhD project, he attempts to contribute with knowledge to better understand how the composition and properties of the raw milk affect the flavor, texture and ripening time of LRC. In terms of scientific knowledge, the project is expected to generate novel and fundamental understanding of the associations between on-farm production systems, raw milk composition and properties and the texture and flavours of the final LRC. In fact, he foresees that the project will deliver a novel state-of-the-art technological platform for future projects and collaborations between academia, dairy advisory organization, dairy cooperatives and their farmers. Read more about the project here!


Main Supervisor: Åse Lundha

Co-supervisors: Monika Johanssona, Mårten Hettaa, Annika Höjer, Maud Langton, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden.


Department of Molecular Sciences, SLU.

About Hasitha

Hasitha obtained graduate education from University of Copenhagen, Denmark (MSc. in Food Science) and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden (MSc. in Animal Science) as an Erasmus Mundus Food of Life double master scholar. He obtained his undergraduate degree from University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka (BSc in Agricultural Technology and Management – first class division) with an Erasmus exchange period in University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Hashita about his graduate studies: “I am glad to be a PhD student at SLU and a member of LiFT graduate school. This provides me a great opportunity to be a part of elite and supportive research community with a challenging research philosophy. I believe the fact, friendly and pleasant work environment for all the employees while recognizing the contribution of each individual with respect and diversity is crucial. Thus, being a LiFT PhD student facilitates me to shape my career goals with a passion.”

Read more about Hasitha here! and on LinkedIn!

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