PhD Project: The impact of plant-based proteins on markers of gut, metabolic and mental health

Plant-based proteins were shown to have a lower impact on the climate in comparison to animal proteins which launched a transition from a diet based on animal protein to a plant-based diet. However, detailed scientific knowledge about related health effects is still lacking. Therefore, the project focuses on colonic protein fermentation and its effect on microbiota composition, gut markers and metabolites with the aim to determine influencing factors of protein digestibility, to investigate nutrient interactions regarding fermentation processes in the colon and to understand metabolic mechanisms. The PhD project is part of the PAN Sweden Research Centre and with the newly gained knowledge the long-term goal is to create “sustainable produced products with health benefits for everyone”.

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Main Supervisor: Prof. Robert Jan Brummer (main supervisor); Professor of Gastroenterology and Clinical Nutrition; Director Nutrition-Gut-Brain Interactions Research Centre Örebro; Director Plant-based Proteins for Health and Wellbeing – PAN Sweden; Pro-Vice-Chancellor Knowledge, Food and Health

Assistant Supervisors: Dr. Karin Arkbåge; Project Manager Food Research & Communication, Lantmännen/Stockholm. Dr. Julia König; Senior Lecturer; School of Medical Sciences Örebro University. Dr. Tatiana Marques; Associate Senior Lecturer; School of Medical Sciences Örebro University


School of Medical Sciences, Örebro University

About Annalena

Annalena conducted her Bachelor and Master studies in Nutritional Sciences at Justus-Liebig-University, Giessen/Germany. During her studies, her interest in the human gut microbiota was caught which is why she moved to Sweden in August 2020 to write her Masterthesis at the Nutrition-Gut-Brain Interactions Research Centre at Örebro University – followed by a “research-assistant internship”. Since June 2021, Annalena is a PhD student in Medical Sciences at Örebro University within PAN Sweden.


Anna-Lena Kamm,

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