PhD Project: Consumer perception and political consumerism about food containing plant-based proteins.

The project is part of the PAN Sweden project, plant-based proteins for health and wellbeing. The aim of PhD project is to identify determinants and drivers of sustainable and healthy food consumption, in particular, of food containing plant-based protein from an individual and group perspective. To do this, the project investigates sensory perception that interacts with psychological, social, and biological determinants in relation to plant-based food. Furthermore, the project studies social networks to elucidate the role of social reinforcement in sustainable food-related behaviour.

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Main supervisor: Åsa Öström

Co-supervisors: Carolin Zorell, Jun Niimi, Mihaela Mihnea, Nicklas Neuman, Stina Engelheart

About Ansung

I am from South Korea. I have a MSc in Human nutrition and food-related behaviour from the University of Helsinki. One of the best things about being a PhD student is to learn and study from a multidisciplinary perspective. I believe my PhD study will help meet consumers’ needs for more sustainable and healthy food consumption and and promote changes in their behaviour.


PhD Student Ansung Kim,

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