Klara is a third year PhD at the Swedish University of Agricultural Science (SLU). Her project is about the side-stream products from faba bean protein isolation. Faba beans are already part of the Swedish protein shift and to further reduce their climatic impact, the utility of the whole bean is vital. The ultimate goal of the project is to use the side-stream fractions in the development of new (plant-based) food products. When Klara is not researching she is involved in education at the university as course leader in the course “Basic course Food Science” and also lectures in “Food Technology” .

Poster – Faba Bean Fractions for 3D Printing of Protein-, Starch- and Fibre-Rich Foods

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Main supervisors: Maud Langton (SLU)

Co-supervisors: Corine (SLU), Mikael Hedenqvist (KTH) & Rosana Moriana (RISE)

Industry Mentor: Stefan Albertson (Kavli)

About Klara

With an international background and a passion for food, wine and science, Klara wants to combine her interests, working in international collaborations for developing sustainable food models and systems. She has a BSc (First Class Honors) in Nutrition and Food Science from the University of Nottingham, England. Academic year 2012-2013 Klara was an Erasmus student at ISARA-Lyon, France, where she did full-time studies in “Agroalimentaire”. She obtained her MSc in “Food innovation and health” from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. In 2018 she completed the sommelier education at Vinkällan, Stockholm, Sweden.


Klara Nilsson,

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