Robin Meijer

PhD Project: Innovation management in the transition towards a sustainable food system.

The food system is in dire need of renewal to meet our sustainable development goals, and to tackle many of the externalities produced by various stakeholders engaged in agriculture, food processing and retail – the chain from production to consumption of food. Innovation is often highlighted as a means towards solving these issues. But stakeholders in the typical farm to table value chain struggle with different challenges and barriers to innovation. Our project aims to understand the fundamental mechanisms behind these challenges, and to develop and test potential solutions, i.e., new business and collaboration models.

Poster – Innovation Management in Food System Transitions

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Main supervisor: Maria Elmquist

Co-supervisors: Joakim Netz, Charlotte Eklund-Jonsson, Jennie Cederholm Björklund, Maria Gustavsson


Department of Technology, Management and Economics, Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg.

About Robin

I grew up in the outskirts of Malmö, southern Sweden, where I also initiated my academic journey at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Alnarp. After about five years of studies revolving around food production and sustainability – and Masters’ degree in Agroecology, I moved to Gothenburg and started looking for interesting PhD positions in 2021. With a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship I feel very fortunate to have found a project that aims to study just that – with a focus on food and sustainability. My research project is nested within the Center for Food Innovation for Sustainable System Transition – FINEST, a four-year project funded by FORMAS, involving stakeholders from most corners of the food system – all contributing with their unique perspectives on how the food system could transition towards sustainability. By joining LiFT, I hope to broaden my perspectives even further, especially by connecting with new scholars within the field of food.


Robin Meijer,

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