Mathias Johansson

PhD project: Legume based Gels – Microstructure and Texture.

Challenges with climate change generate a demand for innovative locally-produced plant-based protein-rich foods. To be successful in the development of such foods require knowledge on how to design their structure and properties. This PhD project focus on the design of protein-rich foods with tailored properties via protein gelation, a common process used in food production to give texture to foods. Texture and microstructure of gels with different composition and processing condition are studied to understand the mechanism governing formation of gels. The main raw-material used in the study is Faba beans, but also other plant-proteins will be investigated.

Poster – Effect of starch and fibre on faba bean protein gel characteristics

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Main supervisor: Maud Langton, Department of Molecular Sciences, SLU.

Co-supervisors: Corine Sandström, Department of Molecular Sciences, SLU. Anna Ström, Department of Applied Chemistry, Chalmers.


Department of Molecular Sciences, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

About Mathias

Mathias Johansson grew up a few miles outside Gothenburg, Sweden. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering with Engineering Physics and a master degree in Biotechnology, both from Chalmers University of Technology. He has a great interest in plant-based foods in general and the use of plant proteins to create texture in particular. With his PhD studies, he wants to be a part in the transition towards a more plant-based and sustainable diet for the general population by facilitating the development of new and tasty plant-based foods.


PhD student Mattias Johansson,

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