Louise Selga – Lund University

PhD Project: Wheat flour quality for baking applications

Wheat can be used in a range of applications, where bread wheat demands the highest quality. This project investigates how the chemical composition of wheat flour affects baking quality by applying multivariate statistics. The project is done in collaboration with Lantmännen with an aim to improve quality and quality control.


Main supervisor: Roger Andersson, Department of Molecular sciences, SLU. Annica Andersson, Department of Molecular sciences, SLU. Eva Johansson, Department of Plant breeding, SLU.

Industrial supervisor: Annelie Moldin, Lantmännen.

About Louise

I hold a MSc in Engineering and Biotechnology from LTH, Lund University. This project is great for combining my interests in structural chemistry and statistical modelling. Discussing my results with Lantmännen is a great motivator.

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