PhD project: Recovery, functionality, and digestibility of seaweed proteins and analysis of food process waters to be used as media for seaweed cultivation.

I’m working on making seaweed proteins a more attractive food protein alternative. To achieve that, I’m mainly focusing on optimizing protein recovery from brown and green seaweed using scalable and food-grade protocols.

Poster Effect of pH shift processing on in vitro digestibility and Caco 2 cell bioavailability of sea lettuce proteins

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Ingrid Undeland, Chalmers University of Technology; Mehdi Abdollahi, Chalmers University of Technology; Göran Nylund, University of Gothenburg.

About João

In 2019, my passion for food and marine sciences made me move from Portugal to Sweden to start my PhD education. I enjoy every bit of my work, from supervising students to plan experiments and communicate my research. It feels great waking up every morning and knowing my work aims to provide low environmental impact solutions for a greener future!


PhD Student João Trigo,

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