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Research news from Food Science Sweden!

In May, we could enjoy 11 new research papers from the FSS researchers!
Please find the whole list here: Publication updates

Some more news from our five research organisations:

(Most texts in Swedish, but you’ll find links to scientific articles within)

Forskare på jakt efter hållbar föda

Photo by Blue Ox Studio from Pexels

On Chalmers‘s web page, prof. Ulf Svanberg presents a novel project on ‘forgotten’ plants and insects for improved health and sustainable food supply in Eastern Africa. It is part of a larger initiative by the head of Chalmers, Stefan Bengtsson, on increasing the collaborations with East African universities. Read more here: Forskare på jakt efter hållbarare föda (in Swedish)

Endast en av tre får i sig rekommenderat intag av fisk och skaldjur

RISE reports about two of their recent research projects showing that the Swedes consume too little fish and seafood and that people are insufficiently informed about health benefits, risks and climate impact of different species and different catch methods, to actively plan their consumption. Read more here: Endast en av tre får i sig rekommenderat intag av fisk och skaldjur

Photo by Francesco Ungaro from Pexels

Edible microorganisms make it possible to produce food without photosynthesis

In a news article on the SLU webpage, the question “How far off are we from a process where we could produce edible microorganisms directly from carbon dioxide in the air?” is asked. Read researcher Tomas Linder’s answer here: Edible microorganisms make it possible to produce food without photosynthesis

Ny studie – forskarna vill förhindra utvecklingen av typ 2-diabetes med fibrer

At Örebro University, a project on the effect of fibres on development of diabetes type 2 has recieved funding from  European Foundation for the Study of Diabetes, EFSD, and Formas. Researcher Johan Jendle tells more about the study here: Ny studie – forskarna vill förhindra utvecklingen av typ 2-diabetes med fibrer (In Swedish)

Växtpulver i processat kött kan minska hälsoriskerna

Stina Burri, a PhD student at LTH, Lund University, has studied the effect on oxdation of mixing plant-based powders into meat products. The powders are made from bystreams from the food industry, to enable environmental and ecological sustainability and some of them proved very powerful. Read more here: Växtpulver i processat kött kan minska hälsoriskerna
The project is part of the EU-financed project SUSMEATPRO and is a collaboration between several countries, with the common goal to find effecient antioxidants for inhibition of the harmful oxidation in meat products. 

Stay updated with the latest FSS publications!

March 29, 2019
The FSS network has already published 18 scientific articles in 2019.

Se the list of titles below or read the abstracts here: 190326 Scopus Abstracts!

Kirkhus, B., Afseth, N.K., Borge, G.I.A., Grimsby, S., Steppeler, C., Krona, A., Langton, M.  (2019)  Increased release of carotenoids and delayed in vitro lipid digestion of high pressure homogenized tomato and pepper emulsions. Food Chemistry, 285, pp. 282-289.

Svanberg, L., Wassén, S., Gustinelli, G., Öhgren, C. (2019) Design of microcapsules with bilberry seed oil, cold-set whey protein hydrogels and anthocyanins: Effect of pH and formulation on structure formation kinetics and resulting microstructure during purification processing and storage. Food Chemistry, 280, pp. 146-153.

Garg, A., Malafronte, L., Windhab, E.J. (2019) Baking kinetics of laminated dough using convective and microwave heating. Food and Bioproducts Processing, 115, pp. 59-67.

Saari, H., Rayner, M., Wahlgren, M. (2019) Effects of starch granules differing in size and morphology from different botanical sources and their mixtures on the characteristics of Pickering emulsions. Food Hydrocolloids, 89, pp. 844-855.

Thadavathi, Y.L.N., Wassén, S., Kádár, R. (2019) In-line rheological and microstroctural characterization of high moisture content protein vegetable mixtures in single screw extrusion. Journal of Food Engineering, 245, pp. 112-123.

Cottrell, R.S., Nash, K.L., Halpern, B.S., Remenyi, T.A., Corney, S.P., Fleming, A., Fulton, E.A., Hornborg, S., Johne, A., Watson, R.A., Blanchard, J.L. (2019) Food production shocks across land and sea. Nature Sustainability, 2 (2), pp. 130-137.

Barman, M., Jonsson, K., Wold, A.E., Sandberg, A.-S. (2019) Exposure to a farm environment during pregnancy increases the proportion of arachidonic acid in the cord sera of offspring. Nutrients, 11 (2), art. no. 238, .

Ceresino, E.B., Kuktaite, R., Sato, H.H., Hedenqvist, M.S., Johansson, E. (2019) Impact of gluten separation process and transglutaminase source on gluten based dough properties. Food Hydrocolloids, 87, pp. 661-669.

Svanberg, L., Malmberg, K., Gustinelli, G., Öhgren, C., Persson, I., Brive, L., Wassén, S. (2019)
Effect of anthocyanins on lipid oxidation and microbial spoilage in value-added emulsions with bilberry seed oil, anthocyanins and cold set whey protein hydrogels. Food Chemistry, 272, pp. 273-278.

Samborska, K., Eliasson, L., Marzec, A., Kowalska, J., Piotrowski, D., Lenart, A., Kowalska, H. (2019) The effect of adding berry fruit juice concentrates and by-product extract to sugar solution on osmotic dehydrationand sensory properties of apples. Journal of Food Science and Technology, .

Palau-Rodriguez, M., Garcia-Aloy, M., Miñarro, A., Bernal-Lopez, M.R., Brunius, C., Gómez-Huelgas, R., Landberg, R., Tinahones, F.J., Andres-Lacueva, C. (2019) Effects of a long-term lifestyle intervention on metabolically healthy women with obesity: Metabolite profiles according to weight loss response.  Clinical Nutrition

Lind, M.V., Lauritzen, L., Kristensen, M., Ross, A.B., Eriksen, J.N. (2019) Effect of folate supplementation on insulin sensitivity and type 2 diabetes: A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.  American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 109 (1), pp. 29-42.

Zamaratskaia, G., Mhd Omar, N.A., Brunius, C., Hallmans, G., Johansson, J.-E., Andersson, S.-O., Larsson, A., Åman, P., Landberg, R. (2019) Consumption of whole grain/bran rye instead of refined wheat decrease concentrations of TNF-R2, e-selectin, and endostatin in an exploratory study in men with prostate cancer. Clinical Nutrition, Article in Press.

Vazquez, D., Berger, A., Prieto-Linde, M.L., Johansson, E. (2019) Can nitrogen fertilization be used to modulate yield, protein content and bread-making quality in Uruguayan wheat? Journal of Cereal Science, 85, pp. 153-161.

De Arcangelis, E., Djurle, S., Andersson, A.A.M., Marconi, E., Messia, M.C., Andersson, R.(2019) Structure analysis of β-glucan in barley and effects of wheat β-glucanase. Journal of Cereal Science, 85, pp. 175-181.

Hagsten, C., Innings, F., Trägårdh, C., Hamberg, L., Paulsson, M., Nylander, T.  (2019) Removal of UHT dairy fouling — An efficient cleaning process by optimizing the rate controlling alkaline cleaning step. Food and Bioproducts Processing, 113, pp. 101-107.

Ulaszewska, M.M., Weinert, C.H., Trimigno, A., Portmann, R., Andres Lacueva, C., Badertscher, R., Brennan, L., Brunius, C., Bub, A., Capozzi, F., Cialiè Rosso, M., Cordero, C.E., Daniel, H., Durand, S., Egert, B., Ferrario, P.G., Feskens, E.J.M., Franceschi, P., Garcia-Aloy, M., Giacomoni, F., Giesbertz, P., González-Domínguez, R., Hanhineva, K., Hemeryck, L.Y., Kopka, J., Kulling, S.E., Llorach, R., Manach, C., Mattivi, F., Migné, C., Münger, L.H., Ott, B., Picone, G., Pimentel, G., Pujos-Guillot, E., Riccadonna, S., Rist, M.J., Rombouts, C., Rubert, J., Skurk, T., Sri Harsha, P.S.C., Van Meulebroek, L., Vanhaecke, L., Vázquez-Fresno, R., Wishart, D., Vergères, G. (2019) Nutrimetabolomics: An Integrative Action for Metabolomic Analyses in Human Nutritional Studies. Molecular Nutrition and Food Research, 63 (1), art. no. 1800384, .

Tullberg, C., Vegarud, G., Undeland, I. (2019) Oxidation of marine oils during in vitro gastrointestinal digestion with human digestive fluids – Role of oil origin, added tocopherols and lipolytic activity. Food Chemistry, 270, pp. 527-537.

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